“If you are looking for a book to give you the roadmap to move from where you are to where you want to be, look no further.  ‘You, the Most Amazing Person’ is a unique combination of inspiration coupled with practical strategies.  A MUST read!”

Lisa-Marie Platske
#1 International Best-Selling Author of “Turn Possibilities into Realities,” And President of Upside Thinking, Inc.

Lisa-Marie Platske
Dana Bass

“Victor Guembes is one of a kind…. He has an incredibly charismatic personality, with a supernatural positive attitude, and a huge hearted desire to help others succeed. His book ‘You, the Most Amazing Person’, will inspire and motivate you to the core. This is a must read for anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality!”

Chef Dana Bass
Owner,Paellas De España Catering.

“I met Victor during a project to outsource to the company he worked for, certain activities that were being carried out in house at the time. Through the whole process Victor not only was extremely patient with our demands, showed excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as proving himself as a leader spearheading the new project. The quality that most impressed me was his effort during the lengthy process to understand our company culture and find solutions that fit our ways. Victor has gone on to better things since, but we maintain contact, as I consider him a worthy friend, and certainly an asset to any company.”

Eugene J. Clur
Corporate Director Security & Loss Prevention at Centurion Cargo Airlines

Eugene J Clur
Abraham Valencia

“Soon after I was first formally introduced to the US private security industry back in 2007, I had the opportunity to meet Victor Guembes. I can attest that his vast scholarly knowledge and field expertise in the industry, second only to his strong leading abilities and attention to detail when allocating available resources, played a critical role during the very successful implementation of a new security project he was managing at the time for the Miami-Dade County. I am sure he is well considered a very valued asset to the company by shareholders and stakeholder.”

Abraham Valencia
Business Consultant at Valedictorians, LLC

“It is with Great pleasure that I write this recommendation, which does not speak to all of Victor’s wonderful qualities and credentials. Victor and I had the fortunate pleasure in crossing paths (2009-10) from opposite sides of the fence. That within its self-created a unique working professional relationship. Victor always displays exceptional managerial skills.  As a manager Victor’s primary focus is assuring the delivery of uncompromising service to the customer, guaranteeing their total satisfaction, leading and motivating his staff to perform at higher levels of productivity. Victor delivers dynamic leadership and decisive management skills to any company. Victor made my job easier even if it made his job harder. Victor is genuine in his approach and that truly speaks volumes of his character and integrity. Any organization Victor chooses to work for will discover a true and real diamond in the rough. You are a Great asset!!!”

Rev. Sharon Shaw, Mh.D
Host-Merging Spirit Radio Show Morning Inspiration & Meditation

Rev Sharon Shaw
Abe Baker

“It was 2002 when I first met Victor at the Deco Plage condominiums in Miami Beach Florida. We had just signed a security service contract with the association. Victor was on the management team and he was also the security director for the community. During the first month of preparation to start the service, Victor and I worked very closely on designing a complete security program for the community, including the post orders, emergency procedures manuals and front desk computer software that we custom designed for the community. This was no small task considering the service was over 800 HPW. for a community that is almost 600 units and about 2000 residents. It was during this time that Victor demonstrated his excellent management skills, incredible knowledge of security and the ability to cooperate and work with others. Needless to say, it was truly a pleasure working with him on that project. He is loyal, very dependable, knowledgeable and a great person. Victor would be a great asset to any organization, I highly recommend him and I am proud to call him my friend for the last 13 years.”

Abe Baker
Owner/President American Knights Security Inc.

“Victor is an applied individual that focuses in achieving his goals. He has excellent interpersonal skills and works diligently to excel in those tasks assigned to him. Victor has a bright future ahead of him.”

Dr. Maria Cristina Regueiro, Ed.D
President/CEO at Florida National University

Maria Cristina Regueiro
Jose Alonso

“Victor is a natural-born leader with extensive knowledge in the security industry. He leverages his military and civilian experiences to provide productive results for his company and its clients.”

Jose Alonso
Social Media Specialist at Florida National University

“Mr. Guembes, is very knowledgeable and a well-rounded individual in his field. I had the pleasure of sharing many experiences and learned from a man who is dedicated for vast improvement in Law Enforcement and the overall justices of our nation.”

Dahina Franco
Administrative Assistant at Homestead Behavioral Clinic

Dahina Franco
George Carrero

“Victor is a great leader, fair and extremely detail oriented. With his expertise and knowledge, he upgrades the professional level of any organization. Besides the outstanding performance at his position, Victor is very helpful, forthright and reliable. He is always willing to give a helping hand and professional advice over and above his normal call of duty. In addition, Victor is friendly and able to fit with colleagues and co-workers, always creating a positive environment at work. It is always a pleasure working with such an amazing professional and human being.”

George Carrero
Safety & Security Team Supervisor at IKEA, Toronto, Canada

It is my absolute privilege to recommend Victor Guembes, who served in the United States Army. I personally observed and worked with Victor on several educational projects. My observation of him is that of a corporate manager worked tireless and possesses the qualities of a self starter and a leader. Victor accomplished a Master Degree in Business Administration and he is very active within the community and is not afraid to dialog regarding the issue of the day. He is a very well rounded, respected member of both the military and civilian community. ”

Luigi Valdivieso, PhD.
Outpatient Therapist, Chrysalis, Inc.

Luigi Valdivieso

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